Foodie Friday's with Sarah J

MOD Pizza Crushes the Crust Game with Mega, Gluton-Free and Cauli
The hubs and I have VERY different tastes when it comes to pizza toppings. He is more a traditional pizza lover with a mega crust, red sauce pineapple, ham with the added touch of pepperoni. I LOVE to take advantage of the fact you can basically add every single topping on the line and your pizza will still fire up crunchy and delicious.
The Habit Burger in Yakima’s Ready for You to Dine-In or Take-Out
You have a few options for your meal is consumed. You can dine inside the restaurant or order and they'll give you a buzzer to sit out on the open patio underneath an umbrella. A future date I plan on taking my husband on. If you were going to take your order to-go you also have the option of eating it in your car, meaning they aren't going to pack it up in a bag or the usual packed-up option.