2016 Google Stats
We use Google so much that it has become a verb. There are other search engines, but Google seems to be the most used. As many were Googling things like celebrity deaths, the zika virus and whatever meme was popular that week, what was Washington state Googling in 2016 more than any other state?
Googling native hip-hop
He is an inspirational Native American hip-hop artist. And he goes by Supaman. From the Crow Rez located in Billings, Mont.
He tours around the country from powwows, schools, churches to wherever. And he is the first Native American to perform at the Google headquarters...
What are we searching for?
Thinking each state is its own microcosm, you have to wonder what they're Googling. From alcohol in the South, to the magic of Disney encompassing Florida, to Gillette coming up as the No. 1 Googled brand in Wyoming (both for the shaving razor and the name of a popular city in that state), it s…

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