Help Build A Dinosaur In Granger This Saturday
The City Of Granger is getting geared up for Saturday's DINO-N-A-DAY event and kids and adults will have a chance to build a dinosaur from scratch!
Granger is known for it's dinosaurs littered throughout the town and now they are adding a Megalosarus to it's collection of over 30 Dinos…
Menudo? Me-no-do
What is that one food that you have tried once and will never, EVER, try again? For me, that food is menudo or "tripe," which is sort of a fancy way to say "chitlins" in Spanish!
I am never trying menudo again! In fact, the only Menudo I like is the one with Ricky …
Let Reesha help you ...
Cheerio, Yaki-pets!
Did you know that you have been improperly pronouncing the names of towns in the Yakima Valley, and making me wince in the process? Here are some timely elocution tips from Reesha On The Radio!


Toodles, ta-ta...
What would grandma say?
Today is Election Day, and if you have not voted or don't plan to, I am going to give you a big frown just like your grandmother would probably do. Reports are coming in that only 17% of registered voters have turned in their ballots so far...