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New Year, New Body With All the Support You Can Handle for Free!
Support is key when losing weight because, yes it's true it's up to you, but when you have a friend who is there to pick you up when you fall and vice-versa, your road to victory is SO much stronger. You will fall, but it's what happens afterward that really shows where you are in you…
Get It Right! Get It Tight! Is Waiting For You :)
I propose you join Get It Right! Get It Tight! It's a FREE support group run by myself, the fantastic Michelle Winicki (a licensed nutritionist) and the members of our group! It's a safe place to discuss your struggles, your triumphs and know that you are not alone.
I have gained four and half pounds and I am REALLY TICKED OFF!
Ever since I decided to join a fitness challenge with the prodding of my co-worker in crime, Nahum Ray, I have gone from a svelte 136 lbs to 141 lbs.
UGH! This makes me want to cuss so bad...
Miley Cryus Spent Thousands to lose 15 Pounds
Most of us couldn’t even fathom the though of spending $50,000 dollars to loose weight, but for Miley Cyrus, she did to lose 15 pounds.  No plastic surgery for her but she spent that money on a personal trainer, nutritionist and a personal chef...