Minaj memes write themselves
Nicki Minaj is set to release a new album on Aug. 14, named "The Pink Print". She has also unleashed the cover art for her new single "Anaconda", but this photo is SO RACY that we can't even post it on our blog. See Nicki's new NSFW single cover photo HE…
The Best Confession Kid Memes
Thank you, Reddit. For all the creepy creepster stuff you do, you sometimes come up with something like this and make us laugh and laugh. The Confession Kid meme is a much more charming cousin of the now-classic Confession Bear. We think he's about a million times better though.
10 Festive Christmas Photobombs
Contrary to popular belief, photobombing is super hard, and it requires a lot of skill. For starters, you have to get the timing down perfectly and do it so no one posing actually notices your moves leading up to the photobomb.

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