There's A New Zodiac Sign And It Changes EVERYTHING!
I don't how I missed this story last year, but it looks like there is a new Zodiac, sign according to NASA.
I've always been a Gemini but now with the addition of a new sign, I'm a Taurus!?
I'm not sure I agree with the new sign but here is why your sign might not be your sign any …
Look at the big picture
When I look at this beautiful picture of the Earth, I feel a sense of awe and calm come over me, and I wish we would all realize how insignificant and petty most problems are in the big scale of things. I'm truly grateful to be alive!
Our 'EPIC' camera on @NOAASatellites' #DSCOVR …
Frog Photobombed Recent NASA Rocket Launch
Recently NASA launched a rocket to the moon. Naturally, they documented this lift-off with as many pictures as they could possibly snap. I'm glad they did! One photo features a frog that photobombed the event.
Space Suit Performance Brings Rapper To Near Death
Jose Chaleone, a rapper from East Africa, nearly met the ultimate end when he decided to perform in a NASA approved space suit he ordered for his concert.  Chameleone hit the stage but soon found himself lacking air (maybe NASA forgot to tell him that oxygen is needed when in full astronaut mod…
NASA Says 2011 Was Insanely Warm on Planet Earth
Some people may think climate change is just a myth, but there’s no arguing with this: NASA scientists say the earth’s surface temperature in 2011 was the ninth warmest since 1880. What’s more, nine of the 10 warmest years in modern recorded history ha…