Ne-Yo Disses Lady Gaga, Then Retracts It
Ne-Yo, the R&B star who is also the Senior VP of A+R at Motown, slammed Lady Gaga, saying she may be ridiculously talented but she won't stand the test of time. He explained that he feels that the iconic, transcendent pop star is a thing of the past. He then backpedaled via Twitter, of course.
Watch Timbaland + Ne-Yo ‘Step It Up’ for ‘Hands in the Air’ Video
Ne-Yo and Timbaland have stepped up (we love it when we make puns) and released their video for ‘Hands in the Air,’ a song off the soundtrack to the upcoming film ‘Step Up Revolution.’ While no ‘Step Up’ sequel will ever compare to the original or even the second installment, at least we can count on some pretty sick music to accompany what will probably be a so-so movie.
Justin Bieber Shares ‘Fa La La / Sexy Love’ Mash-Up Feat. Ne-Yo
What happens when you mix the sultry sounds of Ne-Yo with the sweet and soothing voice of Justin Bieber? You get one heck of a mash-up. The Biebs shared a ‘Fa La La / Sexy Love’ mash-up from YouTube user RaheemdaplayaO4 via his official Facebook page, and we have to agree with the 17-year-old ‘Baby’ hitmaker: “this is sick!”