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Reesha's Ultimate Prom Playlist 2017 [LIST]
You will definitely have a blast at your prom with this playlist! I think this list will please both your fellow classmates and your school administrators. (You certainly don't want them to come after you for playing "dirty" or "sexually suggestive" musi…
Morning Tea
Good morning! THIS IS Reesha On The Radio! Just wanted to give you THE TEA: We're flipping the script with mornings on KFFM.
A new show is jumping on your airwaves. Riggs is still here, and you can catch him weekdays from 2 p.m.-7 p.m...
If you are bummed out that you couldn't score those SOLD OUT concert tickets to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Yakima at The Seasons Performance Hall on August 24, 2016, THEN YOU ARE IN LUCK!
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just announced they will be at the merchandise table signing t-shirts for ONE HOU…
'The Tour of Homies'
If you cannot afford a ticket to Yakima's "Tour of The Homes," may I suggest Reesha's "Tour of The Homies"?
This started off as a joke, but I think people would actually enjoy this as a real event!
It's where I would ask a few of my personal friends to open up their homes (myself i…
The new black?
*follows @deray for 10 minutes*
— PJ (@pjhoody) June 12, 2015
Dolezal's parents, who live in Troy, Mont., say Rachel has been deceiving people. They want people to know the truth.
— Taylor Viydo (@KREMTaylor) June 11, 2015
Do you believe her?
To them retouched beanpole things in the magazine, you ain't it, Miss Thing.
By now you may have already seen these leaked unretouched photos of Beyonce and Cindy Crawford. These leaked photos showcase their natural beauty that never needed Photoshop in the first place...
Time's running short!
If you are not on Twitter, then maybe you should be! We have secured a gift for the ultimate fan who loves Seattle Seahawks swag: an official NFL Seattle Seahawks toaster!
The winner of this toaster will be announced on stage at tonight's All-City Seahawks Rally, which starts at 6 in front of th…
She was right!
Wilton Beebe Jr. was not going to go to the Yakima Valley Mall and sign up to win tickets to Saturday's NFL playoff between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers, but his wife forced him to go sign up. Good thing he did, because he won the coveted pair of tickets to the NFC Divisional …

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