Rare Unicorns
Starbucks is offering a very unique, sweet, blended drink for an extremely limited time. The Unicorn Frappuccino sure looks pretty, but how does it taste?
Chalet Starbucks To Close
It's hard to imagine a Starbucks closing in Yakima, but looks like the one at the Chalet Mall on Summitview Avenue will be shuttering their doors by summer's end.
I think the last time we had a Starbucks closure in Yakima was at the Top Foods location back in 2008.
Warm up, Yakima
With the snow and ice on the ground and the winter chill in the air you need to find a place to warm up in Yakima. Here are a few that I use.
To dye for?
I am not a regular coffee shop drinker, but when I heard that the place that rhymes with "FarBucks" just added something on their "secret menu," I knew I wanted to try it!
It's loaded with what tastes like blackberries, passion fruit tea with soy milk, an…
Code orange
It's the time of year again when everybody and their grandmother starts getting food, drinks and candles with the flavor and scent of pumpkin spice.
Starbucks coffee capitalizes on it every year by releasing their limited edition Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and this year, they tried something different to …

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