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@nkotb PICK ME FOR THE GIRLS ROAD TRIP! #1073kffmroadtrip #livenation pic.twitter.com/h8eUnCiLHF
— Reesha On TheRadio (@ReeshontheRadio) January 21, 2015
It's time for a Girls' ROAD TRIP!
If you want to win four tickets for you and your girls to go on a road trip to Tacoma and see…
Here come the '80s!
It was announced this morning that New Kids on the Block are about to embark on a tour with TLC and Nelly! OMG! Break out the '80s glow-in-the-dark wristbands and White Rain hairspray!
The tour kicks off May 1 in Las Vegas, and tickets go on sale Jan...
Concert Time! NKOTBSB
Since the NKOTB / BOYZIIMEN / 98DEGREES concert is tonight, I thought that I would share some pictures from the last time around I saw NKOTB in concert with the Backstreet Boys!
Everyone KNOWS I am a HUGE Howie Dorough fan (BSB) but seeing NKOTB in concert, was a huge "WOW" moment f…
Lady Gaga Does Tacoma
Lady Gaga made a few fans dreams come true today in Tacoma, WA!  She and her Born Brave Bus arrived in town, and Lady Gaga was quick to jump out and take pics with fans! Now that's what's up! She even brought her mom along for the tour bus ride...