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2020 Moxee Hop Festival Officially Canceled [PHOTOS]
Another in the long and ever-growing list of coronavirus cancellations, the latest casualty is the annual Moxee Hop Festival in East Valley. According to a post on the Moxee Hop Festival Beer Garden Facebook page the 2020 event is not going to happen this summer.
Don't Be a Raider Hater
Griffin Ramos, a 9-year-old third grade student in Terrace Heights, was recently spat upon while at school for simply wearing an Oakland Raiders stocking cap given to him by his uncle.
My Fair Lady
Here are the top five things I heard in reaction to my makeover (in no particular order):
1. You almost look like a movie star or something! - Char
2. You are waaay sexier than you sound on the radio. - Three dudes in the parking lot at Sports Center