trick or treat

Trick or Treating Yakima
I hate to sound like an old man but, in my day, we'd have to hustle for our Halloween candy. Now a days it's becoming more and more common for kids to be dumped off to trick-or-treating neighborhoods. Sure, many houses take part in the trick-or-treating portion of Halloween, but some neigh…
Condom found in halloween candy bag
There are reports coming in from a town I used to live in, Casper, WY, on a house that was handing out condoms instead of candy for Halloween. What if this happened to your child? What would you do?
ND Woman To Give Letters, Not Candy To Obese Trick-Or-Treaters
This year, some children in Fargo, North Dakota may get a bigger trick than treat when hitting the streets for trick-or-treating. That's because a woman in the city has decided to take a stand against childhood obesity, which on its face it's a noble effort. However, the method in which sh…