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‘True Blood’ Review: “Death Is Not the End”
‘True Blood’ season 7 spurts out its 4th episode of the final year, “Death Is Not the End,” as Eric and Pam return to Bon Temps just in time for Sookie, Bill and the others to mount a rescue mission at Fangtasia against the infected vampires, with deadly consequences.
The 'True Blood' trailer
Truebies, the end is nigh! HBO's fang-banging vampire legacy 'True Blood' will come to a final season close this summer with a 10-episode seventh season, and without being too on the nose, it's going to be a bloodbath. We've been teased before, but see for yourself with HBO&…
Evan Rachel Wood of True Blood Says She Dates Guys And Girls
My wife loves the show True Blood on HBO. I can't tell you much about vampires, but I know a few things about dating. Fortunately, or unfortunately however you want to look at it, I just found out that Evan Rachel Wood who plays the lesbian vampire "Sophie-Anne Leclerq" in Tru…