First in line
A DJ in Orlando, Fla., already has his tent set up and is camping out in front of a Best Buy -- he can't wait to get in and buy a new TV at that exclusive Black Friday deal. The only problem is he started camping there 33 days early.
But it's for a good cause.
Tick in your scrotum? Stay home
The following is a true story. So true that George Romero couldn't write stuff like this. The following is an actual conversation screen-capped and used with permission on someone requesting the day off. His excuse was, unfortunately for him, legit.
He'll go pick up the kids
Not getting what you want will make you do desperate things. Someone on a Casper, Wyo., Facebook page posted a sincere plea to find someone to bear his children, because his wife can't give birth. Here's his plan: He'll divorce his wife, marry you so it's all kosher and insurance will take care of m…
Cooking with condoms? [NSFW]
This has to be the most ridiculous cookbook ever made. I saw the title of it and said: WTF?
Would you eat a recipe prepared in a condom? Japanese author Kyosuke Kagami thinks so. He is promoting condom use for Japanese men, (who supposedly have the lowest rate of condom use in the world)...
An Absolute Jenga Fail
After watching this a couple of times, I begin to wonder if this was a setup. This reporter is just too nonchalant over knocking over a Jenga tower that took two weekends to build. So, the question is, do you think this is real or fake?

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