We've seen our fair share of roommate drama and housemate horror stories on TikTok, but this one might just take the cake: An 18-year-old college student went viral after revealing she and her fellow teen roommates were recently assigned a 52-year-old housemate with a criminal past.

Felicity, who shares content under the username @thefelicitybost, typically posts videos using trending songs, popular audio lip-syncs and workout updates.

However, her unique college housing situation recently stole the spotlight. Felicity explained her unique college experience in a two-part video series.

In her first clip, which gained the most viral attention, Felicity shared a simple hand-over-her-mouth selfie video with the text, "I was just notified that I have a roommate moving in my college apartment tomorrow that is 52-years-old. I am 18."

The video has so far racked up 13.4 million views. Watch below:

The clip received 23,000 comments, with many users sharing their concerns about Felicity's questionable living situation considering the major age difference between her and her new roomie.

"That's not the college experience I'd want either. If I wanted to live with old people at 18, I would have stayed home or rented off-campus," one user commented.

Many agreed with the statement, emphasizing college apartments are meant to group people who are in similar age groups and have shared life experience.

Others wondered why a 52-year-old would even want to live with teenage college students, with some questioning the safety issues the 34-year age gap might present.

In the comments section, TikTok users encouraged Felicity to take the issue to her apartment complex to see if she could find a solution.

At the time she uploaded her first video, Felicity did not have an update to share from the apartment complex, but she did assure TikTok that she would provide a "story time" soon. Five days later, Felicity made good on her promise.

Uploading a second video about the situation, Felicity recruited her two other roommates to help share more details.

According to the teen, the older roommate, a woman, was allegedly a former addict with a boyfriend who struggled with alcoholism. The 52-year-old woman also supposedly had a criminal past.

"After she moved in, we sat down to talk to her just to like, find out more about her, and she gave us her whole life story," one of Felicity's unnamed teen roommates explained in the clip.

"She is a former addict. She told us she was recently detained and sent to a hospital, and so that really worried us," she continued. "And her boyfriend was an alcoholic. We expressed our concerns about alcoholics coming over to teenage girls', college girls' apartments."

The 52-year-old woman "brushed it off like she didn't care," the teen claimed, adding that she eventually got her dad involved.

"We found the police report, and she threatened to kill two of her old roommates — in the same apartment complex — and their dog," the roommate shared.

"Nine days ago," Felicity chimed in.

Thankfully for the girls, the woman was a one-night-only guest.

"She is gone now. Apparently [the apartment complex] didn't know about her issues, even though it's the same apartment complex," the roommate said. "But, yeah, she's gone."

Felicity added a final thought: "Her past roommates were all male, and they were scared and called the police on her."

The roommates have not shared a third update as of publishing time, but TikTok users are hopeful the woman is gone for good.

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