The Jonas Brothers have ebeen everywhere lately, from Kevin's reality show 'Married to Jonas' to Joe's coaching on 'The Next' to Nick's talks to be on 'American Idol' (that clearly fell through), and last night they were spotted presenting and hanging out at the iHeart Radio Music Festival last night (Sept. 22). As everyone knows, no one does all those projects unless they're promoting something bigger, and the guys have been promising a new record for a while -- so does this mean new music is coming soon?

"It could just mean that we heart radio and this is a combination of our love," Nick laughed to MTV News. "No, but it does mean that the album is coming along and that we're days, if not hours away from choosing a single so it's very exciting. We've got a good team around us and we're excited to get the music out there for our fans."

The JoBros were still pretty elusive about their new sound. When asked what their upcoming single will sound like, Joe grinned, "It's a 'Get-up-and-then-sit-down-and-then-dance' [single]." Nick was slightly more forthcoming, offering, "It's a little bit of a, especially for us to describe it, it's something that people can dance to that also puts them in a place, brings them to a certain atmosphere, gives them a vibe about the seasons that we've been through these last three years in sort of doing our own thing." Whatever that means!

So when will we hear it? Er, soon. "We want to do it really quickly," Joe said of their single release. "Luckily, we're in a position where we get to decide if we wanted to do it tonight, but I think we're kind of lining it up to our show we have at Radio City coming up very soon, so it should be around that time."

Watch the Jonas Brothers at the iHeart Radio Music Festival