The other day I was hungry for a snack. We didn't have much on-hand except for some tortillas and cheese so I whipped this up and my kids love it. It's so easy to make, anyone can do it. Here's all I did.

I set a small pot to medium heat and shredded some cheese. I tossed it in the pot along with a splash of milk and blended some flour to thicken. Once the cheese is all melted, lay out a tortilla and spoon out the cheese sauce like you would put sauce on a pizza. Not too much, just enough to cover the tortilla. Once you did that, place another tortilla on top of that and repeat, put more cheese sauce on top. Keep going for as many layers as you'd like. I did five on the ones I made.

The cheese sauce will cool pretty quickly so it'll be more solid.

For the added touch, I lightly grilled the sides after slicing into sixth. That, easily enough, was to place them straight on a hot burner on my stove for about 2-3 seconds. Completely not necessary, but adds a bit of that grill flavor.

That's really about it! I usually have these ingredients at my place at any given time so if you're looking for something that the kids might enjoy making, too, I'd say give this a shot!