I had a bag of those 'chicken & waffles' chips laying around so I figured I'd try making chicken and waffles using those chips as added flavoring. Here's what I did.

You can probably look at your grandma's cookbooks on how to make fried chicken and it may make mention of using crushed BBQ potato chips as breading. I went that route. I crushed the chicken & waffles chips and used it as breading to fry chicken.

I don't have a recipe or science to fry my own chicken, but, simply enough, I add my flavoring (in this case, the crushed chips) then add flour and fry in hot oil for long enough. Yes, that's actually what I do and it's recipes like that which will keep me off the Food Network.

For the waffles, I just added the rest of the crushed chips in a basic waffle batter. I do this often with my waffles with things like fruit, crushed animal cookies (those are the best, chocolate chips and anything else.

The final result? Not enough to make an impact. I couldn't taste much of a difference in the waffles. Maybe a little saltier than usual is about it. The chicken, however, was pretty good. I like the crispiness that using chips as your breading makes.

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