Although many say video games are a waste of time or a bad influence, I've always pointed out that, as a non-sports fan, I know how to play every sport thanks to playing the video game version of them and there's always that 'hand-eye coordination' argument that, although I don't buy into completely, there may be some truth to it as well.

The video demonstrates that video games can help exercise the brain. Not to mention there are several video games that are used as teaching tools for people who may need extra help in their daily life such as those who are dyslexic or ones who are losing their memory. I'm one who constantly misplaces my car keys pretty regularly so I don't know a whole lot about the increase memory portion of this video, but it still makes an interesting view and is something to keep in mind.

I've been a fan of video games all my life. Some of my earliest memories involve waking up early just so I can play Pitfall on the Atari 2600 or begging for a quarter so I can rush to the corner mini-mart back when stores would often have an arcade game or two near the front doors - remember that? I had always been a fan of video games because they're fun. I've never been the athletic-type. My parents were both musicians and, although I do love playing music instruments, video games were also kind of my escape being the sixth of seven children in our large family growing up.

There are some pretty worthless video games on the market, but just like television shows that provide your child with no learning attributes (ie. teletubbies) it's easy enough just to avoid those.

As the video states, too much of anything is a bad thing so play responsibly.