Taylor Swift has is a lot of baggage.

The superstar was reportedly carried out of her apartment in a suitcase, reports SPIN 1038. The "Blank Space" singer was apparently hauled from her apartment in New York City's Tribeca section to a waiting truck, while nearly a dozen security guards were on hand to oversee the move.

Two Cadillacs and three SUVs were also reportedly outside the apartment.

There is no definitive proof that Swift was in the suitcase, and if she was, if it's because she was trying to avoid the paparazzi or, you know, practicing for her role in some elaborate Harry Houdini trick.

We also have to think the security guards who got this plum assignment ironically thought to themselves, "I knew you were trouble."

While there's some mystery to Swift getting transported like a human piece of Samsonite, we do know she has pulled unusual stunts like this before.

You may recall in 2015 she walked backwards in high-heeled boots in a parking garage to avoid the onslaught of cameras, which had the effect of only making the shutterbugs take even more photos of the strange scene.

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