Maybe you just moved to Washington state from the South or the East Coast and you've begun dating someone from Washington. Movoto has listed 15 thing you need to know about dating someone from here. Check out the list and see if these apply to you.

Here are some of the items I would agree with.

Washingtonians Have A Serious Artsy Side
I don't know what it is around here, but it's true. Almost everyone I know enjoys painting, drawing, sketching, knitting, designing -- pretty much every other kind of art or talent ending in 'ing' as well.

Canada Nice Is Totally Contagious
I used to visit Canada more often, but this is totally true. Even if they found out I was from America, they wouldn't blink an eye. Very nice to visit, just make sure you have your passport or enhanced license.

You'll Never Drink a Bad Beer Again.
Since the Yakima Valley provides 75 percent of the United States' hops, this is beer country. You can't go wrong with most IPAs in our area.

See the full list of 15 things you need to know about dating someone from Washington and see if you agree or can add to the list.