Yakima resident Lori Simmons was having a video chat with her friend, Shana Thomas, when the friend asked if she was alone. She went back and reviewed the footage and needless to say, spent the night at her daughter's.

She was using a phone app called "Marco Polo," which is kind of like a video walkie-talkie. You record your message while it sends it to your besties. The random morning conversation, which happened on Nov. 30, was about the plans to get a mattress for her new apartment. But what the video caught has been catching eyes all over the world, including Coast To Coast AM.

Some say it's a hoax, others say it looks like an alien visitation, while others believe it's possibly a ghost.

I reached out via Facebook to talk to Simmons, and she told me how her home is close to a hospital and nursing home, so she wouldn't be surprised if it were a ghost. She had the home spiritually cleansed the next day by a friend and has not had any problem or occurrences since.

No matter what you believe, you have to admit, that ain't Santa.

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