So last year on February 28th, one of my favorite people passed away in a car accident. She was the most vivacious, spunky, outgoing, caring and beautiful person (inside and out) I've ever known. She may be gone physically but she will always be here in spirit. Hannah Miriah Cordova, you might recognize the name. She played a few sports but her main love was basketball. Well in memory of Hannah, Yvcc and her family will be putting together a 2nd annual best never settle basketball tournament for grades 2nd-8th. It will be held July 6th- 8th. It is an AAU sanction so you will have to have an AAU card. The cost is $200 for a team. There are also talks of a men’s tournament being held July 13th - 15th. All the proceeds benefit Hannah’s basketball program.
If you are interested please call
Bobbie Cordova at 509-307-8809 or
Raul Alvarado at 509-985-6255