**UPDATE: The reason I took a photo with Alton Brown and my vape is because I am starting a new photo album called "Vaping With Celebrities". Alton Brown is my first victim. Sorry for all the confusion and confrontation that this vape has caused for several of our listeners.

I got the Facebook notice this morning from my friend Jessi that THE Alton Brown (Iron Chef, Good Eats) had announced a flash mob-style autograph/meet-and-greet sesh/special discount tickets in front of The Capitol Theatre. He had put up a tweet to alert his fans that he would give a special discount for tickets, too. (Purchase tickets here.)

Miners, anyway?

I gathered myself together and ran down to the theater to wait in line. When it was finally my turn to say hi, I shook his hand and introduced myself, and told him that I brought my vape and wanted to take a picture of myself "vaping with celebrities".

He groaned: "Oh, Lord!" and rolled his eyes. He took a pic with me, but he didn't seem too impressed. LMAO

Alton Brown, you just made my day! I am one of your biggest fans from back in the day when you first had your own show on the Food Network.

Hearts and smiley faces! Luv, Reesha.

Courtesy of Reesha On The Radio
Courtesy of Reesha On The Radio
Courtesy of Reesha On The Radio