It seems that Johnny Rockets Fast Food Diner really don’t care if you are the queen of soul or not. According to the New York Daily News, Aretha Franklin had just performed at a concert in Niagara Falls, N.Y., and then hit the road to stop at her favorite fast food chain, Johnny Rockets. She ordered her usual — a hamburger and cherry Coke to go. Then she sat down at one of the restaurant’s many empty tables and waited for the food.

"Then reportedly, out of nowhere, a worker in her mid-30s showed up and told Franklin, “You can’t sit there.” Aretha said ‘Excuse me, what do you mean I can’t sit here?” The worker told Franklin the seating area is only for people who are eating in. You can’t have it here because we’ve already rang you up as a takeout customer.” Then the employee ordered Aretha to get up and stand outside the perimeter of the eatery, which was in a food court."

Oh hellll naw!

How much you want to bet Aretha Franklin is about to get set up with free Johnny Rockets for life after this humiliating experience she just had?