Well, it's Valentine's Day and you, once again, forgot to get reservations to a nice place in town. Don't worry about! Look them in the eye and say, "we don't need a reservation where we're going." Here are a few places in town to take your Valentine's Day date in Yakima without needing to get a reservation.

Randall Park
One of my favorite places in Randall Park. If your thing is feeding the ducks or going for a walk, Randall Park is the place to go in Yakima. If it's during the day and it's sunny enough, have a spontaneous (yet, cold) picnic. Why not?

Red Lobster
Red Lobster is one of those places in town that I love to go to, even though it's a little out of my price range at times. Go ahead and splurge on yourself and your significant other, you both deserve it.

Meadowbrook Family Fun Center
Fun for kids of all ages, even grown-up kids. Bring back your childhood and collect tickets to cash in on assorted stuff. I love this place.

Orion Movie Theater
If you haven't been there yet, the new theater in Downtown Yakima (think old Uptown Plaza) is a place where you can watch a movie AND eat and drink. It's a 21 and over establishment so you won't have kids in the theater, but you will have people around you ordering food. The food is really good, too. Try the Thai Pizza.

Bert's Pub
Usually when you think of romantic dinner, you think of a place like Tony's or Gasparetti's which, both as nice as they are, I say Bert's Pub because they have a pepper jack Mac & Cheese that will warm you to your bones. February is cold - this stuff will warm you right up.

So, maybe my ideas are a little twisted, but they work great for my wife and I. Where else is a good place to go for Valentine's Day?