You read it right, there is now a breast feeding baby doll available for you to buy for your little girls - and I am sorry but I have to say.....what!?!?!  Ok, I will let you all make your own decisions about this particular doll, but the truth is in my eyes... it is wrong.

Let me start by explaining about this doll: there is a harness like contraption that yes hangs over the shoulders of little girls and although it is not a full "boob like" area, it does simulate the nipple with two flowers instead (much like pasties - ladies you KNOW what I am talking about).  When the doll is placed close to the flower (either side) a sensor in the flower triggers the doll to start suckling and making sounds, just as a real baby would in anticipation of being breast fed.

Do not get me wrong here, breast feeding is something that is a great experience as a mother IF that is the road in which you choose to nourish your baby, HOWEVER - is a breast feeding doll ok?  Breast feeding has been around since the beginning of man and is a natural ability for a women so do we really need a tool to teach our young daughters?  I feel that it is going a little to far, to have a toddler (or older depending on how long a child chooses to play with dolls) simulate a woman's breast by a slip-on strap contraption and use it how a woman would use a breast.

Now, if you want to, there is a "how to" video on youtube (several), however I will not be posting one, because of the actual breast feeding clip it has.  So, I want to know - is this doll too much? SOUND OFF MOMS!