Why Tri-Cities On Tap Is a Better Beer Festival: NO SCRIPT
Most beer events involve the time-consuming task of going to a booth, getting in line, purchasing script, so you can then get in line, get a beer, then get back in line for script.
Well not at Tri-Cities on Tap presented by Alvarez Auto Sales.  Pay your entry price and sample away, all session l…
2016 UnTapped Music Festival Dates Announced
UnTapped Music Festival (formerly UnTapped Blues & Brews Festival) is shifting weekends in 2016 to stay next to the Sun Banks Festival. That means in 2016 UnTapped will be May 13 at Clover Island Inn and May 14 at the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds.
‘Give Back, Give Warmth’ Blanket Drive December 12
We have a lot of charity drives during the holidays. We have cash drives and toy drives and food drives but what about a blanket drive? Thanks to the fine folks of Southwest Rotary there's a fun blanket drive where you can cut and tie fleece blankets to be donated to those in need.
Selah History Teacher Makes Learning a Blast [VIDEO]
History has always been one of my favorite subjects. I hated learning the dates of things, but exploring the past has always fascinated me. My favorite part of history is learning about our military and all of the different wars that we have been in...
Three Apps That Make Trick-or-Treating a Little Safer
Trick-or-treating is a favorite October pastime for most kids. Not everyone has religious beliefs that forbid the celebration of this holiday.
Now for the good stuff.  Down below are three apps for your smartphone that can be very helpful with the safety of children...
Local Ladies from Yakima: King of Closed Eyes
4th Street Features at The Capitol Theatre is a classic venue and a nice platform for local acts to showcase who they are. It is a truly unique setting.
This past Tuesday's opening act included four young ladies who call themselves King of Closed Eyes. Nic...

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