There’s A New Zodiac Sign And It Changes EVERYTHING!
I don't how I missed this story last year, but it looks like there is a new Zodiac, sign according to NASA.
I've always been a Gemini but now with the addition of a new sign, I'm a Taurus!?
I'm not sure I agree with the new sign but here is why your sign might not be your sign any …
Five Things to Bring to the Groundhog Day Viewing
Groundhog Day is coming up Feb 2. Tradition says if the groundhog sees its shadow when it emerges from its burrow, it means we're slated for six more weeks of winter. However, if it doesn't, then spring is closer than we think. I'm about done with winter and won't tolerate six mo…
60th Annual Wapato High School Bean Feed [VIDEO]
On Friday (Jan. 20) the Wapato High School put on the 60th annual Bean Feed. Proceeds from this event benefit the North Star Lodge in Yakima. Not even the weather could stop people from coming and enjoying the feed. It was also alumni night. So people traveled far, I mean out-of-state far.
Organize your Planners For 2017
I'm taking advantage of Kid's Castle playtime to have a quiet moment to organize myself for the week!
So far, all I've done is procrastinate by taking this picture of myself trying to get organized. Baby steps to organization!
Get Eyeglasses For Cheap In Yakima
My daughter, Willow, broke her expensive glasses about two weeks ago. Her father had bought them in Federal Way at LensCrafters, and he said that if they ever broke, I could get them repaired for free at any store location. I was just about to head out to Valley Mall in Union Gap to get them fixed, …

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