Yakima’s Biggest Yard Sale Has Me Like…..
Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale is back and going down Saturday May 12th, 2018 in the Perry Tech parking lot! This will be my first year experiencing it, not gonna lie I'm really excited for it!
So in honor of Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale I've put together the top Seven Ti…
Jubal Phone Taps- Dog Poop Revenge
Listen to Jubal Phone Taps every weekday morning. When Jubal prank calls people set up by friends and family. Listening with Brooke and Jubal in The Morning.
HBO Fixed Gender Pay Disparity on All of Its Shows
Pay parity shockers are all too common, as Princes out-earn Queens and X-Files agents fight for equal pay. HBO has preemptively taken matters into its own hands (with a little help from Reese Witherspoon) to ensure “no inappropriate disparities” between male and female stars.

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