The Top 3 Drunkest Streets In Yakima [POLL]
Someone asked me if I knew the "drunkest street in Yakima," and I was like, "I dunno! You're asking the WRONG person for the answer to that question, ha, ha, ha!"
So I asked my friends on Facebook for their opinions, and below I present to you the rankings bas…
Yakima’s Choice For The Worst Song Of 2016
Time Magazine released their list of the top worst songs of 2016, but now it's Yakima's turn to choose the worst. Let us know which song you absolutely hated this year. (You may choose more than one and you can add your own answer!)
Worst Song Of 2016...
Yakima City Council’s Vote May Run Uber Right Out Of Town
Should Yakima ban Uber?
A lot of people in Yakima have used Uber before and are excited that we finally have it here. I grew up in a town where you would have to wait forty-five minutes to an hour-at minimum- for a taxi. Of course, my hometown city of Nashville has a much wider geographic and demogra…

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