Weird News

Do You Take Back Deleted Facebook Friends?
I received a Facebook friend request yesterday from this guy, but we were already friends on Facebook!
This made me wonder, did this fool just DELETE me one day and then decide later he wanted to re-add me?
Or, did he 'accidentally' delete me and then realize his mistake...
Bar Patio Does The No-Plants Dance
Some patrons were having a jolly good time hanging out in the bar patio at Blue Bricks Bar in Mankato, Minn., when all of a sudden some police officers showed up to close down the entire place for not having enough live plants. I can just imagine how it went down:
Police: Folks, We're going to h…
Miss Me With That Mess: A Light-ER Causes Wetness
Today's MMTM takes us to Morgantown, N.C., where an impatient woman used a lighter to create massive havoc in the ER.
Katlyn Milligan had been waiting in the ER of Carolinas HealthCare System-Blue Ridge in Morgantown for about two hours while one of her relatives got treated for a back problem..…

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