I was invited to spend some time with my friends at Cherry Hill Family Fun Center in Granger. I was excited to check it out as I've never been there before. What I didn't realize was how much there was to do there!

We met at Doc's Pizza, which is attached to Cherry Hill Family Fun Center. Now, usually, amusement park pizza is pretty mediocre, but I've heard a lot of good things about the pizza there. So much so that I saw people actually ordering pizza to go. They said the reason it's so good is because it's made fresh in-house. The sauce is done up every day, the pizza dough it made each morning, freshly grated cheese -- all freshly made. We shared a pizza and you could taste the difference. I thought it was phenomenal! Definitely worth getting when you're there.

With everything they had to do, we started with the batting cages. This was my first time in the batting cages as I'm not very good at swinging a baseball bat. I gave it a shot, though, and had fun with it. I managed to hit a few, so that made me happy.

They also had pedal-karts which were fun. They're a workout, but they're fun. They had little ones for little kids and even a tandem one where two people could pedal and even put someone in the front basket seat. A fun, leisurely trip around the track a few times with great scenery. It was really nice.

On to the mini-golf that they call Dino Golf -- and it doesn't take long to see why. There are ceramic dinosaurs everywhere. If you've ever been through Granger, this isn't a shock as there are dinos no matter where you go. This golf course is no different. They add to the local flair and are hanging around near several of the holes.

I was even the winner of the Townsquare Invitational. What an honor!

They have a full golf course and driving range. We didn't do that on this trip, but I'll make it a point to try it next time.

All in all, visiting Cherry Hill Family Fun Center makes for the perfect getaway, whether you have time for an hour or two or make a whole day out of it. It's totally worth the trip to Granger to check out with your family.

We want to give you the same experience, so we're offering a $100 package that includes 18 holes of golf, the 18-hole Dino Golf, four pedal-kart rides, a large pizza with salad, bread sticks and pitcher of pop for only $50. Take advantage of this deal starting at 8:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 1.

John Riggs / TSM