The designs of our country's 50 state flags range from the simple to the ornate, but each represents that state's individual identity. A design firm has come up with a concept that would provide a type of unity in flag design. What do you think?


Industrial designer Ed Mitchell, working with the Bresslergroup, a Philadelphia product design firm, has come up with an idea to rework the design of our 50 state flags. He said, “When you look at them all together, there’s no indication they come from the same nation.”

Mitchell took a look at the flags of all 50 states and was bothered by the lack of a blanket design scheme. “Discordant” was how he described them as a group on the project’s website. They also broke every rule of flag design. Yes, there are rules to flag design.

Some of the common themes that would be incorporated in the new designs would be the red, white and blue of our national flag, stars and stripes, and some of the shapes that are already used in some states' flags.

How about Washington's flag?

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We Washingtonians are all familliar with this design. The Seal of the State of Washington on a field of green. Simple and immediately identifiable.

Here's Mitchell's idea for a new Washington state flag. image

According to the Bresslergroup website, this eagle in this design represents George Washington, while the stripes represent Washington's coat of arms.

What do you think? Would you like to see a new flag represent our state?

You can view the design proposals for all 50 state flags here.