Did someone have an affair with Rihanna? And not just someone, but a woman? And not just a woman, but a woman author who could capitalize on selling a book talking about it?

Author Natasha 'Tajah" Burton claims that she had a lesbian affair with a woman who sounds like singer Rihanna. The author describes in detail her relationship with a "Barbadian, female pop/R&B artist" in her upcoming book, 'Low Down Dirty Shame.'

Burton alleges that she jokingly said she wanted to meet the artist, and a friend obliged and introduced both women. In the author's 'tell-all' book, she says that she wasn't sure that "Rihanna" was even interested in women.

Here's what I think. Do you know what other book Natasha Burton has wrote? Neither do I because nobody's heard of her. Did she have an affair with Rihanna, I'm not sure. Will this book include pictures? Probably not. Not even badly photoshopped pics are probably in this book. Still, pretty interesting story.