Gather 'round! Lots of real housewife-style divorce drama, money slinging around for baby pics, security guards getting beefed up, diva tantrums in Beverly Hills, and fashion news in tonight's edition of Last Minute Gossip!

RIHANNA showed up and showed OUT in the ladies’ shoe department of Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. According to snoops, Rihanna tried on about 100 pairs expensive shoes and left the department in tatters with shoe boxes scattered all over the floor! Hope the shoe comission was worth it LOL!

Mariah Carey has beefed up her security guards because she says she's scared of Nicki Minaj. Really, Mariah? Scared of Nicki Minaj? What’s she going to do? Out WIG you in a showdown? *SMH*

And speaking of Nicki Minaj…she and Adam Levine are set to release two new lines of fashion, accessories and housewares. No word on who the retailer will be but sources are speculating: Kmart, Walmart or Target. Expect these releases to debut before the 2013 Christmas Holiday Season.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West, otherwise known as KimYe, turned down a $3 milion dollar offer for first dibs on pics of their baby-to-be. I think they are just holding out for more.

Diana Ross threw a full on DIVA tantrum at La Scala, the posh Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills because they would not seat her before the rest of her party arrived. So Diana decides she’ll just take it up on herself to sit at a corner booth anyway. Unfortunately for her, this restaurant don’t give a dayum if you are the ICONIC Diana Ross or not. They asked her to wait in the lobby until her lunch guest arrived, or leave. She ended up leaving, but not without throwing a diva fit in the lobby!

And finally in gossip news: Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel is asking for the sun, moon, and stars, as long as they belong to her soon-to-be-ex husband, Jason Hoppy. She is demanding that he owes her child support, alimony, life insurance beneficiary status, and full custody of their 2 year old daughter. I'm surprised she didn't ask for his toothbrush, razor, and his extra pairs of socks. Dayum!

Whew, I'm exhausted from all this extreme gossip!