Movoto recently ranked all 50 states on how much pride each state has. The ones you're proud to be from. The states you were born in, raised in and will die in. I was surprised Washington wasn't ranked higher on the list, but it could've been worse. See which state comes in at No. 1 and where Washington stands.

The top 5 states, in order:

1. Ohio
2. New Mexico
3. Alaska
4. Maine
5. Utah

Apparently, Cleveland does rock. I'm not exactly sure what Alaska has to be proud of, but if you live there, you would know exactly how beautiful it is.

Washington comes in all the way at No. 39. Seriously?! I would've hoped it was in the top 10, at least, but, again, it's better than California which comes in last, all the way at 50.

See where all the stay line up and find out why they're placed there on the Movoto blog.