Everyone loves a good romantic song, especially around Valentine's Day, but rarely are love songs written for people that are in happy, well-adjusted relationships. With that in mind, here are five songs that start out romantic and then cross the line into being stalker anthems.

6. “Your Body is a Wonderland” by John Mayer

This John Mayer ditty seemed like a light-hearted romp through a mid-afternoon snuggle fest, but then we noticed these lines. "One mile to every inch of / Your skin like porcelain / One pair of candy lips and / Your bubblegum tongue."

Bubblegum tongue? Is John Mayer planning on chewing off her tongue? Since when is that romantic?

5. “Escape” by Enrique Iglesias

This sexy king of the v-neck shirts wrote this upbeat number to inform his lady that he was always going to love her, but he ended up coming off a little ... inescapable, when he tells us, "You can run, you can hide /But you can't escape my love."

4. “Invisible” by Clay Aiken

What could this gentle American Idol crooner possibly have to say that’s creepy? Well, everything in this song, basically. This jam about loving someone from a distance has lines like this: "Saw your face in the crowd /I call out your name / You don't hear a sound / I keep tracing your steps / Each move that you make" and "If I was invisible /Then I could just watch you in your room."

3. “Father Figure” by George Michael

Is it never a romantic sentiment to compare yourself to a woman's father. Oh, and love should never be mistaken for a crime. Like, never.

1. “Every Breath You Take” by The Police

This one is a classic in the “romantic or creepy?” debate, the song that Sting never intended to be a love song, but the song many couples dance to at their weddings anyway.