My wife and I are still on our quest to buy a house. We're very specific in what we're looking for so when we looked at this house that only had 1 bathroom (we need at least 1.5) we scratched it off our 'to consider' list. But one great thing about this house was there was furniture already in it to show you what it can look like once you're moved in.

I wish more houses would do this. So many times have I relocated to an apartment that seemed big enough only to find out that once I moved in our couch, chair, TV, tables, ect. the amount of room squished us into a not-so-comforatble environment. It certainly puts things in perspective. Looking at a house, one thing we need to consider is square footage. Normally, I'd just see any house, look around and say "Hey, there's a lot of room in here" but I need to think of what that room will look like when I bring in the rest of my stuff.

We are starting to narrow down our search. Lots of great houses available and more on the market popping up all the time. The best thing to do is, if you're looking for a house or even considering all options of moving is to connect with The Buyer's Agent as they can get you on an email list so as soon as something opens up that's what you're looking for, you'll get an email notifying you about the new house that's now on the market.

Make sure you browse the houses that are available currently through as well.