We are the dynamic duo. We are from different walks of life however music is the one thing that brings us together and keeps us close. I grew up in Seattle listening to a lot of west coast rap. From getting hyphy in the Bay to Chicano rap. Mat grew up in southern California, more of an Indy pop flavor. He is into international dance music, something I never would have thought of listening to. Now we rock to Lady Gaga and Ice cube on the same road trip! Ever since we met we have been a pair! From our first Halloween together being thing 1 and thing 2. People know us as a fun time. Wherever we go we own the spot. Our originality is contagious. Being Best friends is crazy exciting and always entertaining. From mat talking about the Grammys and who wore what, while I sleep. I get to keep him up to date on basketball wives drama. We both currently work at Wells Fargo Bank and love being part of the business world. Even our Co-workers have told us to make a show and broadcast on youtube! We both love the banking industry but music is such a huge part of both of our lives that we would love the opportunity to share our passion for music with others. What could be better for two fun loving music junkies than to be on radio?! We are full of ideas and can’t wait for the opportunity to be on a diverse growing station. Our goal is to be THE dynamic duo of the night with your radio station.