Our latest LIKE or UNLIKE comes to us from our neck of the woods, Edmonds, Washington.

Meet Justin Fehler. He's certainly making a name for himself in the music scene with a video that's already garnered more than 170,000 hits!

Watch the video, listen to the song and vote on if we should play him on the air.


My name is Justin Fehler and I am 16 years old. I was born in Kirkland Washington and now live in Edmonds Washington.
When I was young my dad died of cancer, so I used to listen to music a lot when we were in the hospital. Music helped me
through this time in my life. My mom has always taught me to go after my dreams and since I was young I knew I wanted to
sing and make people happy.

When I was twelve I started singing lessons to pursue my dreams. When I was 14, I entered a competition
called IPOP which was a singing and acting competition. I love to perform and expressing myself in my music. People in the
music industry that inspire me are Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. I love to dance and do hip hop.