True story: Some countries, like Japan and Russia, have something called menstrual leave at work. It is exactly as it sounds. Workers in countries where this is available are able to take paid days off from work each month.

Should we have this available where you work, too?

Now, it's not like females are getting a week off each month. Many who have menstrual leave only get a day or two off work each month. Not bad, but it's not much. Still, it's better than nothing.

Here’s how it works in countries that have menstrual leave:

via Wikipedia:
From their Labor Standards Law: "When a woman for whom work during menstrual periods would be specially difficult has requested leave, the employer shall not employ such woman on days of the menstrual period."

South Korea
Women who don't take menstrual leave get extra pay if they work through it.

Last year, a draft law proposed that women could take two days off each month.

The Philippines
They've had this since 2008 and it's mandatory for all private and goverment female employees at half-pay unless they're pregnant or menopausal.

Since 1948, women can take two days off a month for menstrual leave.

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