Finally, a baseball game for the Nintendo 3DS and, as if it was made for me, features all of my favorite Nickelodeon characters from past and present!

Nicktoons MLB 3D is all three of those. This game features tons of characters from your favorite Nickelodeon shows including Sponge Bob, Ren & Stimpy, the cast of Rugrats and more. This game features all of your favorite Major League Baseball teams and, since it's on the Nintendo 3DS, this game is in glorious 3D. The 3D actually comes in handy as the ball comes flying towards you so you can accurately hit the ball.

One thing I was impressed with was the ability to just pick it up and immediately start playing. When you first start playing the on-screen tutorial helps you with what the buttons do so you'll be a pro in no time. Even though this baseball title isn't as fast or as action-packed as other baseball titles, that actually works to my advantage who just wants a fun game to play and have fun with.

This game is fun for all ages. Grab two and go head-to-head, wirelessly. With the addition of it's lower-than-average game price tag, it'd make a great gift for any reason, or for yourself.