With the passage of Initiative- 502 last month, as of 12:01 this morning, possessing an ounce of marijuana is now legal in Washington state.

There seems to be much confusion as to what is now legal and what is still illegal.
The Seattle Police Department has set up a guide to legal marijuana use as it relates to citizens of that city but probably answer many general questions you may have as well.
The guide, which reads more like a Q & A blog, is called "Marijwhatnow?" and was written with the assistance of Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, a spokesman for S.P.D.

Some of the questions are humorous and illicit funny responses, such as:
"SPD seized a bunch of my marijuana before I-502 passed. Can I have it back?" as well as more serious concerns:
"I’m under 21. What happens if I get caught smoking pot?"

As you search for answers for some of the questions you might be pondering, you'll notice that an emphasis was put on trying to show that even the cops have a sense of humor about it too, going as far as to include a clip from "Lord of the Rings" displaying Bilbo and Gandalf smoking "the finest weed."