Yakima County Primary Elections were held on August 5, 2014, and as expected, the top two candidates will proceed to the General Election in November. I read over the results and there were a few surpises. For instance, I did not know that in addition to publishing the main results, the county also publishes a list of all the write-in candidates. The voters of Yakima County have given me my laugh of the day! Enjoy!

County Treasurer
Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson

Legislative District 13 Senator: Ted Nugent

District 14 Representative:
Alfred E. Newman
J.F. Kennedy
Thomas Jefferson

Ron Harris from 94.5 KATS

County Clerk:
Cruella DeVille

Coroner: Anthony Hopkins
2 votes for Jack Kevorkian

Prosecuting Attorney:
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Mandy Moore
Sarah Palin
Captain Jack Sparrow

You can view all of the election results and write-in candidate names here.