As the resident geek on the KFFM staff, I get the fun of reviewing the latest Marvel Comics movie to hit the Yakima Theaters this week.

I enjoyed the movie Friday night at the 16th Avenue venue and as the 3-d movies have exploded everywhere lately, I've been opting in for the 2-d versions.

Captain America sets us up for the Avengers movie next summer and ties the previous Marvel Studios productions "Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Hulk and Thor" in the grand finale that will be the Avengers. I being the super-hero geek in the office and having collected comic books since I was 8 yrs old kinda sorta makes me the expert on all things super-heroes. I luckily take the movies as entertainment rather than as a comic purist who whines about what part of the costume they got wrong

Cap starts off with the discovery of the frozen remains of a downed jet craft and the frozen shield is uncovered by S.H.E.I.L.D agents. We quickly zoom to the past, into the 1940's where a young 98 pound weakling Steve Rogers is dealing with the fact that he can't do his part to fight the 3rd Reich and Hitler. He tries time and again to get into the army but is refused. He's the little guy looking for a chance to prove himself...thankfully a kindly doctor and the creator of the super-solider formula enlists Steve into the top secret project.

Steve is quickly chosen as the obvious successor to the previous injected subject "The Red Skull". It is discovered that it is the heart that defines the effect of the serum...not the body. Steve undergoes the treatment and becomes Captain America.

The film has the right balance of action and comedy. Tommy Lee Jones as the gruff taskmaster...the lovely Haley Atwell as Steve's love interest and the great Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull sets the scene and the entire movie for pure fun!

We see the introduction of the "Howling Commando's" and we even get a glimpse of the original Human Torch in his glass tube and many wonderful moments for non-comic fans. There is a reason this movie will do well this summer, it hits all the marks from what you expect