The confetti has yet to be cleaned off the turf of the Super Dome in New Orleans following the Ravens 34-31 win over San Francisco in Super Bowl XLVII yesterday and already the odds makers in Las Vegas have their sights set on next season.

The first line on who is most likely to win it all in 2014 has been released by the race and sportsbook at the MGM with the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49'ers the two favorites going off at 5-1.

The Seattle Seahawks are considered a heavy contender and are being listed at 10-1 odds (meaning, if one was to bet $100 on the Hawks and they did indeed win, the payout would be $1,000)

Here are the odds for all 32 NFL teams:

Denver 5-1
San Francisco 5-1
New England 7-1
Green Bay 7-1
Seattle 10-1
Houston 10-1
Baltimore 10-1

Atlanta 12-1
Pittsburgh 15-1
New Orleans 15-1

Dallas 20-1
Indianapolis 20-1
N.Y. Giants 20-1
Chicago 20-1

Washington 25-1
Philadelphia 25-1
Cincinnati 25-1
Minnesota 25-1

Carolina 30-1
Detroit 30-1
N.Y. Jets 30-1
San Diego 30-1

Miami 50-1
Tampa Bay 50-1
Buffalo 75-1
Tennessee 75-1

Oakland 100-1
Arizona 100-1
Cleveland 100-1
St. Louis 100-1

Kansas City 150-1
Jacksonville 200-1