Starting at the Moxee Hop Festival, then at various locations around Yakima in the weeks to come, you'll see this one-on-one racing video game you can play for a chance to win a Playstation 4. See it in action as John Riggs (that's me!) races against Extra Life-Yakima's own Daniel Thompson.

First and foremost, I knew I was going into it as a second place-man -- Daniel Thompson was the guy who built these racing machines, using one of the Need for Speed franchises. Still, it's a fun lap and it was fun to see local businesses featured on the cars and billboards including Solarity Credit Union, Stewart Subaru, Les Schwab and many more, including Townsquare Media and 107.3 KFFM.

The simulator drives like an actual car, too. It has the gas and break pedals and even the steering wheel jolts when you crash - which I did often. All in all, it was a very fun experience.

Make sure you join us at Moxee Hop Festival so you play it yourself or with a friend. Your $5 donation goes straight to Children's Miracle Network, which helps Children's Village, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital and more for the kids right here in the valley.

Here's Daniel Thompson talking more about what it's really all about: