My wife is a big fan of wine sampling so I'm sure she'll be grabbing me and we'll be sampling some great wines this weekend during the Spring Barrel Tasting.

I grabbed some wine tasting info off the website and here is what I found.

Spring Barrel tasting is your chance to get a jump on tasting and purchasing some of the best wines in The Yakima Valley. Spring Barrel Tasting allows tasters a sneak preview of upcoming vintages from their favorite wineries.

This special weekend in the Yakima Valley features winemakers and cellar staff who are on hand to share insights and answer questions on the winemaking process. Many of the 40 participating wineries make special efforts to enhance the wine tasting experience by adding delicious cheeses, sauces, salsas, and even desserts to the mix along with special tastings and education.

Premier Pass holders will receive access to exclusive pairings, library tastings and tours not available to the public. The pairings continue as the wines featured are available to take home for Premier Pass holders.

The $30 Spring Barrel Tasting Premier Passes can be purchased in advance by April 21, or for $35 at select locations during the event weekend.