I still haven't settled on any specific house. I'm very specific about the house I'm looking for that I don't mind if it takes me a little longer to find my dream house. If you're going to pay a lot of money for a home, it should be perfect and you shouldn't settle for anything less than exactly what you need.

Since I started looking for a house about two months ago, I had some very specific things I needed without exception. Three bedrooms, atleast one and a half bathrooms, fenced backyard and central air. I've since evolved into still needing three bedrooms and a bathroom and a half and fenced back yard, but my wife and I have decided that if there isn't central air, we can install that later. We did find out that we needed to stay in the Yakima school district for our son's sake as he needs special attention at school and the other surrounding school districts can't provide what we're already doing in Yakima so we've stopped looking at West Valley, East Valley and Selah districts. It's a little too bad because where were some GREAT finds in West Valley, I have friends in East Valley and I like Selah so I wouldn't've minded living there.

It's fun to look online, on Craigslist, in the newspaper and The Buyer's Agent makes it super-easy for you by simply emailing all of the new listings that fit your criteria. Fortunately, I'm not being kicked out or anything so I have plenty of time and I'm greatful that Daniel McLaughlin at the Buyer's Agent is patient enough with us that we'll look at a house or two about every week, get ideas, and go from there. Most of the time, the houses we find have everything except ONE item from my necessity list. It'll have everything we need, but no fenced backyard. Another house said "bathrooms" so I assumed it had two, but only had one. No point in looking at the rest of the house since I won't buy a 1 bathroom house - not with 2 little girls and a potty training son.

So, I'll keep looking, keep an eye out for me and if you need help on getting your first home, or want to find a better house for you, I'd say get in contact with The Buyer's Agent. They've already been my personal Wiki of info on my first time home buyer experience.